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Ontario Provincial Police


Donald R. Irwin

Donald R. Irwin

Ontario Provincial Police ~ Kitchener Detachment

February 20th, 1976

Age: 40

Years of Service: 18

Donald R. Irwin was married with 3 children.

Donald R. Irwin

Corporal Donald R. Irwin


While on vacation in Florida Cprl. Irwin participated on routine patrol with his good friend Florida Highway Patrol Officer, Philip Black. Irwin was in civilian clothing and unarmed. At approximately 0730 hrs. they checked an old Camaro parked in a rest area on I-95, north of Pompano Beach, Florida. The vehicle was occupied by two men, a woman and two children. An automatic pistol was found in the suspect car by Trooper Black. He returned to his cruiser for a record check and to request help. As both of the officers approached the Camaro a second time, 5 or 6 shots were fired and both officers were killed. The suspects fled in the cruiser but were arrested later.


The officers' assailant was convicted of murder and executed.


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