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Sudbury Police


Gerry Dault

zzzGerry Daultzz

Sudbury Police

June 18th, 1949

Age: 32

Years of Service: 2

Gerry Dault was Married with 3 Children.

Constable Gerry Dault


Constable Dault, normally a foot beat officer, was assigned to a cruiser with Constable Edward Terrell to attend a call for assistance at a home. As Cst. Terrell approached the house the gunman from within the house fatally shot him. As time passed, a large crowd gathered and was moving closer to the scene. Constable Dault left his cover to move them back from danger and was killed instantly by a shot through the head.


The culprit, Clarence Brosseau, whose wife and children had fled the apartment, was found dead when police rushed in the building after using tear gas. It is not known if he was killed by police action or by his own hand.


Sudbury Police
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