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Sudbury Police


Laurier C. Quesnel

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Sudbury Police

October 14th, 1965

Age: 34

Years of Service: 13

Laurier C. Quesnel was Married with 4 Children.

Sergeant Laurier C. Quesnel


Sergeant Quesnel and Constable Valentini were attempting to execute a warrant on one Lionel E. Proulx in order to return him to the Ontario Hospital, at North Bay. Proulx, a mental patient, was believed to be depressed but not dangerous. When no one answered the door, Sergeant Quesnel opened the screen and knocked on the inside door. He was shot through the door and fatally wounded.


When help arrived, tear gas was used and the apartment was stormed by police who found Proulx dead from self-inflicted gunshot wounds.


Sudbury Police
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