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Ottawa Police


David Tuckey

zzzDavid Tuckeyzz

Ottawa Police

January 21st, 1970

Age: 36

Years of Service: 19

David Tuckey was married with 4 children.

Sergeant David Tuckey


Sgt. Tuckey was on his final shift as a motorcycle patrol officer as he was just promoted to Sgt. and was transferring to the morality section. A motor vehicle ran a stop sign striking his sidecar throwing him 60 feet. He was unconscious for 32 days. He recovered but was off for over two years. When he returned to work he was assigned to the courts due to having vision problems and had lost his sense of smell and taste. On Jan.21, 1970 he stood up and called court to order and dropped dead.


As a result of this accident Ottawa Police grounded all motorcycles until helmets could be purchased for the officers.


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