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Chesterville Police


Daniel J. Craig

Chesterville Police

June 29th, 1932

Age: 59

Years of Service: 4

Daniel J. Craig was Married.

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During the evening of June 29, 1932, a drunken youth had been causing a disturbance within the village of Chesterville. The young man was yelling and cursing at a woman who was sitting on her front porch. Her husband took hold of the trouble maker and escorted him across town to the Town Hall to be dealt with by Constable Daniel Craig. Before the youth could be turned over to Constable Craig, he broke free and escaped with the gentleman and now others in pursuit. Some blocks away he was captured again and brought back to the Town Hall where the jail was located. Constable Craig took over the arrest and wrestled the young man through the building and into the cell, where he was locked up.

Constable Craig then went to leave the building but suddenly collapsed in the door way. Two local doctors were quickly summonsed and attended to Constable Craig but unfortunately he had died of a heart attack within minutes.


Daniel was 59 years of age, married and had been the Town Constable for 4 years at the time of his death.


Chesterville Police
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    Daniel J. Craig 1932

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