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Lennox And Addington Police

County Constable

Mont Alexander Wood

zzzMont Alexander Woodzz

Lennox And Addington Police

December 1st, 1951

Age: 59

Years of Service: 39

Mont Alexander Wood was Married with 5 children.

County Constable Mont Alexander Wood


In the early morning hours of December 1, 1951, Constable Mont Wood had stopped to assist a stranded trucker north of the village of Northbrook on Highway 41. While waiting for a tow truck to arrive, he saw headlights approaching through the heavy fog. Constable Wood stepped out from behind his car with the intention to close the vehicles door, when he was struck by the approaching car. Constable Wood was hurled some 20 feet through the air and landed on the ground seriously injured.


Constable Gordon Stout of the Northbrook Ontario Provincial Police detachment arrived carried the gravely injured officer into his cruiser and rushed him to the Belleville hospital. His injuries proved fatal and he died shortly after arriving. Mont Wood was 59 years of age, a veteran of World War I and was married with 5 children at the time of his death. He had been the County Constable in Lennox and Addington for 29 years.


Lennox And Addington Police
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    Mont Alexander Wood 1951

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