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Elgin County

County Constable

Harry Fordham

zzzHarry Fordhamzz

Elgin County

February 2nd, 1942

Age: 61

Harry Fordham was Married with 4 children.

County Constable Harry Fordham


County Constable Harry Fordham was returning from attending a house fire in the Village of Fingal, Elgin County. He was walking east on the sidewalk along Talbot Road which is two blocks west of the main intersection in the village. The speeding west bound car lost control after sideswiping an east bound car on the icy road, jumed the ditch, striking and snapping off a telephone pole, then struck the officer throwing him 25 feet across a lawn. The car came to rest wrapped around a tree.


Harry was born in Yorkshire England. He and his brother were British Home Children arriving in Canada in the late 1800s. 2010 was the year of the British Home Child in Canada.


Elgin County
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    Harry Fordham 1942

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