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Pembroke Police


Thomas Espey

Pembroke Police

September 16th, 1943

Age: 42

Thomas Espey was Married with 2 Children.

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Chief Espey was assisting with an OPP investigation and was travelling to Petawawa as a passenger in a commandeered taxi cab, which was driven by OPP Cst. Ernest Renaud. A military convoy passed the officers southbound on highway #17. The convoy was driving in blackout conditions, meaning their vehicle lights were covered which greatly reduces the vehicle visibility. When Cst. Renaud thought the convoy had passed, he pulled out to pass a slower vehicle driving in front of them approximately 3 miles east of the military base on a stretch of highway known as Petawawa Plains. The convoy hadn't ended but only had a gap of about 700 yards in it when they pulled out to pass. They collided with a military vehicle. Chief Espey died at the scene, with Cst. Renaud being transported to hospital with serious injuries.


Chief Espey was a member of the Mimico Police prior to joining the Pembroke Police as Chief.


Pembroke Police
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    Thomas Espey 1943

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