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Strathroy Police


John W. Burdon

Strathroy Police

December 5th, 1931

Age: 56

John W. Burdon was Married with 4 Children.

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Chief Burdon had received a call at approximately 4 o\'clock reporting chicken thieves had been active again in the area. With the aid of a neighbor as his chauffeur, the Chief drove out to Hickory Corners then returned back towards Strathroy. Chicken thieves had been particularly active in the Caradoc and Adelaide Township on the past Friday night. On the return trip to Strathroy the Chief noticed a truck approaching. Ordering his driver to slow down the Chief leaped from the car attempting to jump onto the truck, missing it he fell and struck his head on the asphalt. He was rushed to hospital but later died from his injuries.


Not a month earlier the Chief had been injured when he was pushed from the running board of a speeding stolen car. He had attempted to stop the car by jumping onto the side running boards. The young driver pushed him off onto the street.


Strathroy Police
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    John W. Burdon 1931

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