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North Bay Police


Leonard G. Slater

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North Bay Police

December 1st, 1973

Age: 32

Years of Service: 5 years service plus 4 years OPP

Leonard G. Slater was married with 3 children.

Constable Leonard G. Slater


On December 1, 1973 at approximately 2227 hours Constable Slater responded to a call for assistance from a fellow officer who had been shot. On arriving at the scene, a parking lot, Constable Slater got out of his cruiser, moved to the edge of the street and was shot in the back of the head by a gunman who was hiding among the parked cars.


On April 20, 1974 Carmille Joseph Ethier, age 24, was convicted of non-capital murder for the slaying of Constable Slater and received a sentence of life imprisonment.


North Bay Police
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