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Ingersoll Police


Scott W. D. Rossiter

zzzScott W. D. Rossiterzz

Ingersoll Police

September 19th, 1991

Age: 30

Years of Service: 8

Scott W. D. Rossiter was Married with 2 Children.

Constable Scott W. D. Rossiter


On Thursday, September 19, 1991 Constable Scott Rossiter was on duty patrolling the Town of Ingersoll. At approximately 2305 hours Constable Rossiter investigated a male cyclist on Oxford Street. A physical altercation occurred with a male later identified as David O'Neil. Constable Rossiter was fatally wounded with a gunshot to the head. His service revolver was not recovered. Approximately three months later, David O'Neil's body was located in a shallow grave south of London, Ontario.


Ingersoll Police
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    Scott W. D. Rossiter 1991

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