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Peel Regional Police


Dwayne B. Piukkala

zzzDwayne B. Piukkalazz

Peel Regional Police

August 26th, 1984

Age: 24

Years of Service: 3

Dwayne B. Piukkala was married.

Constable Dwayne B. Piukkala


Constable Piukkala responded to a fictitious call at a residence on August 26, 1984. As he entered the premises he was attacked and stabbed to death.


The culprit, following the attack, took the Constable's service revolver and committed suicide.


Peel Regional Police
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    Artem Ochakovsky 2010 Dwayne B. Piukkala 1984 William T. Hawkins 1982 Volker H. Scheja 1982 Ronald G. Sproule 1975

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