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Waterloo Regional Police


David R. Nicholson

zzzDavid R. Nicholsonzz

Waterloo Regional Police

August 12th, 1998

Age: 32

Years of Service: 10

David R. Nicholson was Married with 3 Children.

Constable David R. Nicholson


Constable Nicholson was a member of the Waterloo Regional Police Dive Unit, and he died in the line of duty while attempting to recover the body of a young Cambridge boy from a dam in the Grand River. Constable Nicholson entered the water to rescue the small boy, but was pulled into the sleuth trough of the dam and was pinning him there. Officers tried to pull him out using his rescue line, but to no avail. Constable Nicholson is the first officer in the Service's 25 year history to die in the line of duty.


When Constable Nicholson's body was pulled from the water, he was holding the lost boy.


Waterloo Regional Police
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